What does TAC stand for?

The Accountability Club

What does AP stand for?

Accountability Partner

How do I become a member?

Choose which package works best for you by clicking the link. It will take you to a payment screen. Once you have paid, we will assign you an Accountability Partner.

How do you choose my AP?

We have a team of APs all with different backgrounds. We use our best judgement in choosing the perfect AP for you.

Can I choose a new AP if I'm not satisfied with the one I have?

We'd like you to hang in there at least 2 weeks to see if a connection can develop, but we will be more than happy to switch you out. We do our best to support you.

How much does this service cost?

It depends on what package you choose. We have our Engaged package which is $99 a month, our Committed package which is $199 a month, and our All-In Package that is $299. All three offer different services, so be sure to check out the list of each package.

How does my AP communicate with me?

You will be connecting two times per week. This will be in the method you prefer, whether that be by text, email, or phone call.

When am I charged?

You are charged as soon as you fill out the form online.

How do I receive my coaching (which comes with the Committed and All-In packages)?

We will be contacting you within 3 days to schedule your first session.

Can I change to a different package once I've signed up?

Yes! If you want to move up or down in package "levels", just email us and we will help you out.

What do the trainings and workshops cover?

They are on a multitude of topics. Managing Stress, Time Management, Organization, Strategies to get Things Done, as well as many more business and personal topics.

Can't find a question?

Let us know if you have any questions. Use the Contact Form. We will get back to you asap. Thanks for being here!