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How It Works

Our accountability "check-ins" are our secret sauce to success in The Accountability Club!!  Here's how they work: 

When you sign up as a member of TAC, you will be assigned an Accountability Partner (AP).  This AP and you will be partners in your success.  You will let your AP know how you would like to communicate, whether that be by text, email, or phone.  You will send 5 business goals and 5 personal goals to your AP each week (by Monday at 12 noon PST) so they will know what you're working on for the week.  We call these your "5x5's".  

Two times a week your AP will "check in" with you to see how you're doing on your goals.  They will not chew you out or tear you down.  The APs are focused on your success, so they will try to encourage you to keep up the hard work and to hang in there.  These check-ins are very brief and will not take up too much of your time during your workday.  APs are used to keeping members on track -- yes, to help keep you accountable.  At the end of the week -- or when you complete your 5x5's -- you will let your AP know how you did for the week.  The check-ins make it possible for you to go into massive action and to take your business and your life to a whole new level of productivity!

I believe ALL people are able to grow when they put their minds to it - it's the focus, intentionality, and clarity that garners the greatest growth.


Cori Freeman


First, make the conscious decision to create more forward momentum in your life!  We are here to support you!

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Our Mission
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Decide which package is best for you: Engaged, Committed, or All-In.


Enjoy the feeling you're going to get when you start accomplishing the things you've been meaning to do!  Celebrate with your AP all along the way!!

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