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What We Do

The Accountability Club, also known as TAC, is the club with NO meetings!   We provide our members with an Accountability Partner who comes alongside you and offers you the support you need to move FORWARD with YOUR goals!


When you make the decision to invest in yourself and your business (if you have one) by joining TAC, we will provide you with an onboarding worksheet.  This is for us to get an idea of what you currently have going on in your life, both personally and professionally.  Based on that information, we will assign you a compatible Accountability Partner, also known as an AP.  Your AP will make initial contact with you and can immediately start working with you to support you.  Sounds fun; right?  Also, depending on what package you choose, you may also have one-on-one coaching sessions available to you, either one time or ongoing monthly.

Accountability is essential to growth. To that end, having an Accountability Partner is imperative.


Cori Freeman, Founder of The Accountability Club

Our Mission

To provide Accountability Partners to people who want to grow personally as well as professionally. To encourage others to be forward focused.

Image by Leone Venter
Our Mission
Image by Samantha Gades

Our Vision

To support others as they grow in ways they never thought possible!

Get accountable and join TAC today

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