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Why Add Coaching?

Good question!  


Business and/or Personal Coaching is a beneficial service we offer.  When you sign up under the Committed or All-In plans, you will receive a dedicated, certified coach who works with you at regular intervals (whether that be weekly or every other week).  

Your coach is there to support you as you move forward in your life and/or business.  Studies show that people who work with a coach are more successful in many areas of their life.  You will have a mentor who helps you strategize -- then implement -- needed plans, processes, and procedures to increase your forward momentum.  Areas that might be addressed are: Personal Growth and Development (self-esteem, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, for example), Culture Change, Starting a New Business, Repairing a Business' Reputation, Leadership, Succession Plans...you name it!  Kick old habits, increase focus, gain clarity, improve intentionality.....YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


If, after reading the above paragraph, you're realizing you don't really need accountability but that you only need a coach, we offer that too.  The Founder and Owner of TAC, Cori Freeman, owns Strategic Business Coaching.  She would be happy to support you.  To find out more about her services, please click HERE.  (She has an introductory, 90-min. session for only $99!)

Our private, 1:1 coaching sessions that are included in our Committed package (1 session a year) and our ALL-IN package (1 session a month) cover business coaching as well as personal coaching.  Your coach is certified and has years of experience in this regard.  Coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom or phone or, in some cases, in person.  

Why Coaching?

Business Coaching

Business coaching can cover things such as Employee Engagement, Leadership, Sales, Recruiting, Business Relationships, Customer Experience, or starting a new business.

Staff Meeting
Business Meeting

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching can cover things such as increasing Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence, Stopping Self-Sabotage, Overcoming Overwhelm, increasing overall life satisfaction.

Coaching has been a proven, effective tool for professional/personal development.  If you don't find the coaching to be effective for you, you can always ask to be placed into the Engaged package at any time.

  • Committed

    Every month
    I'm ready to make some changes!
    • Dedicated Accountability Partner
    • 2x a Week Check-ins
    • Private FB Group
    • TAC Social Gatherings
    • 3 FREE Trainings per Year
    • FREE Yearly Workshop
    • Discounts on Marketing and Printing
    • One-time 60-minute Coaching Session
  • All-In

    Every month
    • Dedicated Accountability Partner
    • 2x a Week Check-ins
    • Private FB Group
    • TAC Social Gatherings
    • FREE Yearly Workshops
    • FREE Trainings
    • Discounts on Marketing and Printing
    • 60-minute Business/Personal Coaching Session per Month
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